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The Virtual Events Platform

An Online Virtual Experience



  • Delivered through an online 2D or 3D application
  • Allows attendees to self navigate through:
    • Entry lobby
    • Exhibit booths
    • Keynote speeches
    • Panel discussions and presentations
    • Chat sessions
    • Social networking activities
  • Sophisticated tracking and reporting capabilities allow sponsors and exhibitors enhanced data capture about event visitors

Live Demo

The Virtual Events Platform is what event visitors see – just like the convention center at a physical conference.

  • Visitors enter into the Lobby
  • See banners hanging from the Lobby ceiling
  • Watch flash sponsor advertisements on the big screen in the center of the lobby
  • Click to walk into the Exhibit Halls
  • Click to visit individual booths
  • Click to view and download booth content
  • Or Chat live with booth attendant and other visitors
  • Click to walk into the Auditorium to hear a live scheduled speaker (or listen to a presentation on-demand for 3 months afterwards!)

Key Features of the Virtual Events Platform

Sponsor/Exhibitor Benefits

Generate more qualified sales leads
Move customers through the sales cycle faster
Tracking and Marketing analytics
Maximize limited marketing spend
Showcase technology and services
Demonstrate market leadership
Attendees stay engaged much longer than with traditional webcasts/websites – 2 hours in environment vs. 35 minutes in a webcast
Support digital transformation, Web 2.0 and Green initiatives
Compliment and extend the reach of physical events

Attendee Benefits

Personalized and interactive experience
Multi-lingual platform facilitates international attendees
Simulates a physical tradeshow experience
Available live and on-demand 24/7
Professional and social networking opportunities
Eliminates travel and registration expenses
Regain productivity

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