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About G2Events

Taking a Lead in the Professional Organization of Virtual Events

In the current recessionary times, businesses worldwide are taking a closer look at travel and event budgets. Increasingly, they are seeing virtual events as a solution to their continued need to meet customers, deliver marketing messages, and network with industry colleagues, while at the same time saving time, money and effort.

A virtual event is defined as an on-line virtual experience that provides most of the benefits of a physical event delivered through an online 2D application allowing attendees to self navigate through multiple exhibit booths, keynote speeches, presentations, chat sessions and social networking activities.

G2Events, building on the long-standing experience of its team members in the physical conference and exhibition arena, is taking a lead in the professional organization of virtual conferences and tradeshows.

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Address G2 Events, Inc.
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Mark Barounos

Bruno Castejon

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