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Implementable Solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is on the agenda of every corporation worldwide today.

CSR and Sustainability officers are actively seeking implementable solutions to make their companies more green and more socially responsible, while maintaining or even improving financial bottom lines.

Who Should Attend

The Sustainability Virtual Summits offer a forum for corporate leaders to learn about ICT solutions to help make their company greener — good for business, good for the planet.

Why You Should Attend

  • To watch motivating and actionable presentations
  • To interact in real time with respected industry thought leaders and experts
  • To network with your peers
  • To learn about products and services that can help you reach your sustainability goals
  • To learn about:
    • Dematerialization (the substitution of high carbon products and activities with low carbon alternatives)
    • Collaboration and unified communication, with an emphasis on telepresence
    • Next generation data centers and communication
    • Smart Grid
    • The business impact of sustainability on commercial brands.

Benefits of Attending

Learn how industry leaders are making sustainability a priority and how they are achieving their goals
Network with other corporate leaders who are looking to run their companies responsibly and with an eye towards the future
Find out about trends in clean technologies and collaborative design that will help maximize resources while minimizing environmental impact and financial costs
Hear about actions that they can take NOW that can have a significant impact on their company's ecological and financial bottom line
Understand how current government environmental policy is affecting their business and get tips on how to prepare for more stringent regulations in the future

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